All project staff are career professionals with years of relevant experience. They bring a wealth of technical and project management experience to the table.

Our History

In 2001, three partners in the largest professional services firm in the world longed for a return to the time when they were able to focus more on the issues and needs of their clients than on the administrative tasks associated with a large, impersonal organization. They believed they could deliver better service to their clients at a lower cost by staffing a smaller firm with experienced professionals, and by removing all of the bureaucracy.

They hired top-tier career professionals in each practice area, and limited the number of projects for which staff members were responsible. They stressed the importance of client communication and meeting deadlines. They answered the phone themselves when clients called.

The original firm has matured into a number of different organizations. GAGNON, its professional staff, and its member and partner firms continue to work under the original principle that the client is what matters most. We operate in any location where client needs exist.